The Caribbean Media Exchange (CMEx) initiative was established in 2001.

“CMEx’s mission is to support and develop the ability of the media, government, the travel and tourism industry and communities to consider the importance of tourism in sustainable development, while lending a hand to the communities involved by sharing relevant expertise, financial and in-kind assistance.”

Since its inception in October 2001, CMEx has become an ever-increasing source of confidence and pride for the Caribbean region.  By attracting such notable speakers as the “Travel Detective”, Peter Greenberg of CBS News, and a range of prestige sponsorship from Air Jamaica to Black Entertainment Television (BET), what was recently just a simple initiative has become a full-blown affair.

Extending invitations to members of the media has proven to be one of the quickest ways for CMEx to spread the sustainable tourism message to the masses.  The organisers of the conference promote the mingling of journalists, both Caribbean and international, and members of the hospitality sector, in order that synergies will result for the betterment of island peoples.

As the executive vice-president of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association Sue Springer insightfully said. “The press definitely can play a major roll (in developing tourism awareness) and we need to invite you more into all of our tourism events.”

Evolving from CMEx, we are happy to see the sharpening of skills within the press corps, the creation of freelance and training opportunities for Caribbean media in North America, smart partnerships between public and private sector organisations, and the implementation of sustainable tourism initiatives that safeguard the environment and enrich Caribbean communities.

Through an increase in published and aired stories throughout the regional and international media, CMEx sponsors have become closely identified as champions of the sustainable tourism movement.  Indeed, with every passing forum, the public awareness of the issues of sustainable tourism become more widely acknowledged and accepted.

CMEx is produced by the Caribbean Media Exchange, Inc. and has received support from Air Jamaica, Counterpart International, Counterpart Caribbean, Caribbean Broadcasting Union, Caribbean Hotel Association, Caribbean Hotel Association Charitable Trust (Life Needs the Caribbean), Barbara Pyle Foundation, Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism and EarthVoice, among many other sponsors, and has grown into the region’s premier gathering of the industry’s top tourism planners with leading journalists in the region and beyond.

At previous meetings, CMEx drew a distinguished group of international media, including Amsterdam News, The Associated Press, BBC World Service, Black Entertainment Television, Cable News Network (CNN), Jax Fax, National Geographic Traveler, NBC, New York Daily News, Reuters, The Tribune, United Nations Television and WLIB Radio (1190AM – New York).