Make a Pledge

Why Pledge a Donation?

CMEx’s mission is “To be the premier communications organization promoting sustainable tourism, through media and smart partnerships, to create holistic wealth for all peoples, including those in Latin America, the Caribbean and other Emerging Markets.” If you believe in our mission as we do, we are asking for your pledge of support to enable our charitable work and vision to continue.

In today’s uncertain economic times it is often difficult to make a lump-sum donation to a worthy nonprofit organization like CMEx. To help make your generous giving easier we have developed a pledge form that enables you to pledge and allocate how you donation is best contributed, i.e., in monthly, quarterly or annual installments. To download our pledge form click here and follow the instruction on the form.

We sincerely appreciate your investment in CMEx and assure you that your funds will be shepherded with great care and used to support future CMEx conferences.