Participation in and exposure to the past 20 CMEx sessions resulted in:

  • Organized Town Hall meetings in Caribbean Diaspora Communities
  • Promoted sustainable tourism on a global scale with the UN World Tourism Organisation
    and TOURCOM
  • Provided assistance with the design of the agenda and the outcomes of the 2005 UN Meeting on Small Islands in Mauritius
  • Joined alliance with the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (FUNGLODE) in the Dominican Republic to reduce poverty through sustainable tourism and community development
  • Advised National Geographic on its Geotourism initiative which promotes the use of tourism that “sustains or enhances the geographical character of a place ‐ its environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage and the well‐being of its residents”
  • Joined consortium comprising the Government of Honduras, National Geographic Society, and George Washington University on the development of a comprehensive national model in support of Geotourism in Central America
  • Helped stage the Counterpart Caribbean produced United Nations Population Fund
    Caribbean Media Awards on Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights
  • Helped media highlight the key multi-sectoral role of sustainable tourism
  • Encouraged governments to treat tourism as an export industry bringing in valuable foreign exchange
  • Provided neutral platform for government, civil society and private sector to deliberate the benefits of tourism
  • Underscored the direct benefit to communities of sustainable tourism
  • Reminded policy makers and media that tourists from richer countries bring and leave more money in Caribbean destinations than their governments give in official aid
  • Fostered better communication between media, industry, communities and government
  • Freelance, training opportunities and jobs for Caribbean Media in North America
  • Offered skills enhancement for press and broadcast corps
  • Encouraged closer cooperation and smart partnerships between government and civil society
  • Fostered closer ties between Spanish, French, and English speaking Caribbean
  • Facilitated networking between Caribbean, North American and European media
  • Implementation of Sustainable Tourism initiatives that safeguard the environment and enrich Caribbean communities
  • Introduced Coral Gardens reef regeneration initiative to regional media
  • The adoption of Counterpart Caribbean’s Future Centre concept as a scientific and educational exhibition site to stimulate the awareness of the importance of holistic sustainable development
  • Media Training Workshop for Caribbean hoteliers in Barbados
  • The design and implementation of an HIV/AIDS awareness programme in Jamaica and Haiti in collaboration with Coca‐Cola US$483K in funding secured for project
  • Humanitarian assistance and donations to schools in Kingston, Jamaica and Hurricane
    Tomas Caribbean relief efforts in Saint Lucia through donations received via the CMEx website
  • The adoption of the Caribbean Business Enterprise Trust Inc.’s CBET shepherding model for sustainable enterprise development
  • The launch of the J’Lore Foundation in Atlanta
  • The official launch of the SpeakEasy M.E.D.I.A. Foundation in New Jersey
  • The establishment of Caribbean youth group of Captain Planeteers
  • Coaching for Caribbean journalists and public relations operatives
  • Opened channels for collaboration with Africa, Asia and the Pacific
  • Humanitarian assistance and donations to the St. Thomas Family Resource Center