What People Are Saying

Some testimonials…

Jayne Wise

Senior Editor – National Geographic Traveler
The CMEx forum has been one of the liveliest, most candid, most probing, and most engaging dialogues I have participated in. As an editor on a US travel magazine, I have learned so much about issues facing the Caribbean region, especially as it commits itself to sustainable models of development and tourism. One of Earth’s most fragile – and most desirable – destinations, the Caribbean faces extraordinary challenges in developing new paradigms for tourism. The CMEx forum has created a place where dialogue and debate have led to innovative ideas and solutions. It has also enhanced the dialogue between members of the Caribbean media and those of us covering the Caribbean from the point of view of a North American traveller.

Dr. James Hepple

Former Director of Tourism – Trinidad & Tobago
I have been involved with CMEx since its inception and have seen it become one of the most influential forums for presenting the value and importance of Caribbean tourism to not only local journalists but those based outside the Caribbean. As a Director of Tourism, I find it invaluable that we can send our own journalists to CMEx and they come back understanding the industry that much better resulting in more informed coverage of our local tourism industry.

Patrick Cozier

Secretary General – Caribbean Broadcasting Union
Over the years, CMEx has emerged as one of the most important partnerships in the region. By bringing Tourism, our largest economic industry together with Media, a most important socialising factor, the region is able to have a better understanding of the anatomy of key issues of the Tourism industry affecting us. CMEx also offers the opportunity for new and innovative ways of constructing a sustainable economic future for Tourism and indeed has been the birthplace of some exciting news ideas for product development and experience enhancement. The CBU has been delighted to be part of CMEx from inception and are pleased at the level of genuine interaction afforded to media colleagues. May CMEx grow from strength to strength, our region needs such a forum.

Basil Smith

Former Director of Tourism – Jamaica
For us to sustain our tourism success it is imperative that the people of the region develop a full grasp of the issues we face and the opportunities the industry presents. CMEx has provided a useful and effective conduit for such information by creating a two-way information channel between the public and the industry. CMEx has become a valued institution in the scheme of things in the Caribbean’s tourism industry.

Dr. Carol Jacobs

Former Chairman – Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
The tourism sector is of critical importance in the fight against HIV/AIDS. In a region which boasts of 40 million tourists passing through the region annually, the tourism sector must see itself as having a critical role in sensitizing those who work in the industry, as well as those who travel for pleasure or for work. CMEx is an important forum which brings media practitioners together to reflect on wide and varied issues. Communication is the primary vehicle through which awareness can be raised and ultimately behaviour changed.

Jestacia Jones

Television Host, Atlanta
Thank you for a wonderful experience. CMEx offers something special every year! Great Job!